Insane fishing trip to Sweden in June

Sean and his buddy Frans just came home from yet another amazing trip to Dalsland, Sweden. Although they had terrible pike fishing conditions (no wind, clear blue skies and high temperatures) they managed to catch several quality fish over the week!

As the weather wasn’t about to change in the upcoming days, they decided to try to catch them as big as possible. If they were to get a few strikes a day, it better be from a couple of good sized fish! You could call it selective fishing, using big baits on deep, crystal clear lakes. At the end of the week Frans and Sean caught a little over 100 pike, 21 fish crossed the 100cm mark and 4(!) larger than 120cm. They did weigh a couple of fish as well, 6 of them over 12kg and the top fish weighing 14kg(!).

Check out this Instagram page for more photos or the YouTube channel for more video’s, including one of the monster pike filmed with one of the Waterwolf HD cameras.

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