Successful, short, early morning trips!

After returning from Sweden, Jesper and Sean did a few early morning trips. The water temperature in the morning is at its lowest of the day, combined with first light and low sunlight the first hours of the day can be really good. Rise and shine, focus on the most productive hours during the summer Lees meer overSuccessful, short, early morning trips![…]

Interview with +Magazine FishEco

Sean Wit recently did a interview with +Magazine FishEco from Sweden. It goes into detail about pike fishing tactics in Sweden and why certain choices are made. Read the full article here: +Magazine FishEco: Interview with Sean Wit  

Insane fishing trip to Sweden in June

Sean and his buddy Frans just came home from yet another amazing trip to Dalsland, Sweden. Although they had terrible pike fishing conditions (no wind, clear blue skies and high temperatures) they managed to catch several quality fish over the week! As the weather wasn’t about to change in the upcoming days, they decided to try to Lees meer overInsane fishing trip to Sweden in June[…]