Another successful pike fishing weekend in the Netherlands

Wederom geweldige resultaten afgelopen weekend!

The Dutch predator fishing season opened just a week ago and as you could read in a previous update, it turned out to be a great opening weekend with multiple 10kg+ fish. The second weekend turned out to be another successful pike fishing weekend!   Aaaand its gone! Weather conditions Although the weather hadn’t changed Lees meer overWederom geweldige resultaten afgelopen weekend![…]

Huge 14KG Pike!

Geweldige start van het nieuwe seizoen!

What a way to start the new predator fishing season in the Netherlands! Multiple fish over 10kg with some stunning specimen pike. Sean and Jesper on a roll! Even though the temperatures in the Netherlands reached tropical levels, the watertemperature was still acceptable and thus big predatory fish where the main target for the opening Lees meer overGeweldige start van het nieuwe seizoen![…]

Crazy fishing trip to Vänern with a 13,5kg fish!

 Sean and Jesper are back from yet another crazy fishing trip to Vänern in Dalsland, Sweden. Conditions where rough on lake Vänern, to say the least. Frost, rain, heavy wind, even snowstorms! But they made the best out of the situation and it paid off! More than 150 fish with over 60 pike crossing the Lees meer overCrazy fishing trip to Vänern with a 13,5kg fish![…]

GIVE AWAY: 250€ worth of lures and a FREE guided trip

            This weekend the VISMA will take place in Rotterdam, one of the biggest fishing shows in Europe. Frans will attend Friday until Sunday on the Lureparts stand. Sean will attend on Sunday on the Savage Gear stand. To celebrate the end of winter (finally! :P), we are doing a Lees meer overGIVE AWAY: 250€ worth of lures and a FREE guided trip[…]

2016, what an AMAZING year it has been!

Time flies when you are having fun, 2016 has passed and what a year it has been. We founded White Label Fishing. We got so much positive feedback on our content. MANY satisfied customers on guided trips. So much support on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Sean Wit made a 2016 “Year Review” to display some Lees meer over2016, what an AMAZING year it has been![…]

15,2kg monster pike during guided trip

Jakob Rutkvist came over from Sweden to target some Dutch monster pike, together with our guide Sean Wit. A mix of lures and deadbait resulted in multiple big fish. Video can be found on our YouTube channel or Instagram page. An impressive score, biggest fish 115 and 125cm / 15,2kg! We will let the pictures Lees meer over15,2kg monster pike during guided trip[…]

September trip to Dalsland, Sweden!

Jesper and Sean just returned from a short trip to Dalsland, Sweden. Autumn was kicking in, temperatures where dropping and nature preparing for another harsh Swedish winter. The summer in Sweden felt like it would last for years, and so the fishing was a bit off during the July and August. The end of september Lees meer overSeptember trip to Dalsland, Sweden![…]

August update: Autumn is closing in and a recent BLOG

Summer is almost over, Autumn is closing in fast! August is usually a slow month for fishing and this year was no exception. Short evening session are usually more effective. Sean Wit recently added a new BLOG to website of the Dutch predator fishing magazine De Roofvis. It shares some insights about the past few Lees meer overAugust update: Autumn is closing in and a recent BLOG[…]