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Founder Sean Wit gives a short introduction

As a fanatic predator angler and fishing guide I've had the privilege to let others be part of that amazing experience called predator fishing. A simple idea occurred: why not try to expand that group of peoplew to share our knowledge and experience, all for the greater good: Providing the best possible fishing experience in Europe. Not just in terms of size or numbers when it comes to fishing but the total package. That is the main focus of White Label Fishing, getting people involved and enthusiastic. Either by setting them up with one of our quality fishing guides or by providing content thats both entertaining and informative at the same time. White Label Fishing operates independently of brands or countries to provide the best possible experience!

A website?! In this social era?!

Yep, due to the overwhelming response on Social Media we've decided to make a place-holder page. All our content can be find on social media. If you have specific requests for guiding or collaborations, please use the contact form.